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Albums Released In 1971

Ike & Tina Turner performing on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert – Aired: March 12, 1976

Albums Released In 1958


Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret publicity photos for “Viva Las Vegas” (1964)

Johnny Cash cover session for the album

The Sound of Johnny Cash

(1962) in Los Angeles, April 1962.

Photos by Leigh Wiener


The Rolling Stones photographed by Michael Ward, 1964.


Elvis Presley photographed by Alfred Wertheimer

recording at RCA Studio 1 in New York on July 2, 1956. During this session, he recorded “Hound Dog” and “Don’t Be Cruel.”

Rock groupie Judy Wong photographed by Baron Wolman for Rolling Stone magazine, November 1968.

In 1969, Rolling Stone published a scandalous issue on the backstage proclivities of rock stars and the women who sought them out.


Ike & Tina Turner with their sons Michael (standing on the left), Ike Jr (sitting on the left), Craig (standing on the right) and Ronnie (sitting on the right), circa 1970.

Ike Jr and Michael are Ike’s kids from a previous relationship with Lorraine Taylor. Craig (1958-2018) was Tina’s eldest son she had at 18 years old with Raymond Hill, a saxophonist in Ike’s band the Kings of Rhythm. Raymond abandoned Tina when she was pregnant. Ike later adopted Craig and legally gave him his last name. Ronnie is Ike and Tina’s only child together born in 1960. She became pregnant with Ronnie while Ike’s common-law wife Lorraine was pregnant with Michael. Ike and Tina married in 1962. 


Pink Floyd at the Casa Madrona Hotel in Sausalito, California, November 1967. 

Photos by Baron Wolman