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Vintage Jet Magazine Covers – 1960s


Fran Drescher photographed by Mario Casilli, circa 1991.


Eartha Kitt with her granddaughter Rachel Shapiro in 1998.


Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson publicity photos for Charlie’s Angels (1976)

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward in the 1960s


In Love In the 80s

– Couples In Vanity Fair

  1. Keith Richards and Patti Hansen by Annie Leibovitz for the April 1984 issue.
  2. Louis Malle and Candice Bergen by Annie Leibovitz for the May 1985 issue.
  3. Sylvester Stallone and Bridget Nielsen by Herb Ritts for the November 1985 issue.

  4. Madonna and Sean Penn by Herb Ritts for the March 1986 issue.

  5. Calvin and Kelly Klein by Herb Ritts for the May 1987 issue.
  6. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore by Annie Leibovitz for the May 1988 issue.
  7. Mike Tyson and Robin Givens by Annie Leibovitz for the November 1988 issue.
  8. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell by Herb Ritts for the September 1989 issue.


Betty White

at home with her dogs Danny

and Stormy, 1954-57.

“Animals don’t lie. Animals don’t criticize. If animals have moody days, they handle them better than humans do.” – Betty White 

Sharon Tate photographed by Jerry Schatzberg, 1966.


Janet Jackson photographed by George Rodriguez, 1978.


80-year-old Jane Fonda at the premiere of Book Club at the Regency Village Theatre on May 6, 2018.