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Vintage Our World Magazine Covers

  1. Lena Horne (April 1946)
  2. Joe Louis (June 1948)
  3. Model “Bunny” Evans (November 1949)
  4. Nat King Cole (April 1952)
  5. Eartha Kitt (May 1952)
  6. Dorothy Dandridge (June 1952)
  7. Dancer Lavinia Hamilton (October 1954)

Eartha Kitt photographed by Gordon Parks for LIFE magazine, 1952.


Eartha Kitt with her granddaughter Rachel Shapiro in 1998.


Eartha Kitt photographed by Carl Van Vechten on October 19, 1952.


Ebony Magazine Covers – 1953

Jet magazine covers 1951-1954


Eartha Kitt with an actor from her Broadway musical Timbuktu! in 1978.


Eartha Kitt and


leader Frank Weir at Churchill’s Club in London, 1951.

Photos by Russell Westwood


Eartha Kitt at home filming the CBS television interview program, Person to Person. Location: 270 Riverside Drive at West 99th Street, New York, NY. Episode originally broadcast September 10, 1954.

Eartha Kitt performing at El Rancho Vegas in 1955.

Photos by George Silk for LIFE magazine