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Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera photographed by Carl Van Vechten on March 19, 1932.

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera at their home in Mexico City in the 1940s

(Original Caption): Frida Kahlo, (1910-1954), Mexican painter and wife of Diego Rivera is shown here with child in 1944.

Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo at the Menorah Journal Dinner in New York on May 10, 1933.

(Original Caption) Ousted Artist Speaks at Menorah Dinner. Diego Rivera, noted Mexican artist who was ousted from Rockefeller Center and his partly finished fresco hidden from public view, was the principle speaker at the Menorah Journal Dinner at the Hotel Park Crescent, New York, May 10th. Prior to the dinner, the guests viewed the exhibition of pictures of Jewish types, the work of Lionel Reiss, New York artist. The exhibit was held with the intention of disapproving the Nazi Aryan theory, in that the characteristics of the Jews are as varied as the nations in which they make their homes. Left to right: Mme. Diego Rivera, Diego Rivera, Henry Hurwitz, editor of the Menorah Journal; Gilbert Seldes, journalist, and Lee Simonson of the Theatre Guild.