Category: at the crossroads

Dear Tumblr Followers,

After eight plus years of posting the Behind The Grooves music blog here, I feel like I’ve reached a crossroads. The blog has experienced exponential growth in terms of people who follow and read it daily, over the last few years. But in recent months there has been a substantial leveling off, and slowing down of that growth.

While I deeply appreciate the positive feedback in terms of comments, likes and reshares of my work, I feel like I’m in a deep rut. 

Unfortunately, likes and re-shares haven’t gotten me any closer to my goal of seeing this writing moving to other media (i.e. physical book or e-book form). 

Though I’ve received a handful of donations from generous followers, my attempts at fundraising here have largely fallen on deaf ears. With over 22,000 + followers worldwide, only about a dozen people have ever donated. And with Tumblr not having any other method of generating revenue like banner advertising or sponsorship, I’m a loss as what to do next.

As a last resort, I’m seriously considering deleting this blog from here. If anyone can offer some sound advice as to what I can do to take this thing to the next level, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support,
Jeff H.