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Gary Coleman at home with his parents Sue and W.G. Coleman in 1979.

Gary Coleman had been estranged from his parents since 1989, when Sue Coleman filed a court request to gain control of her son’s estimated $6 million fortune, insisting Gary was not able to handle his finances. Gary countersued and won a $1.3 million settlement, though he eventually declared bankruptcy in 1999. Gary rarely spoke to his parents after that and he left them nothing in his will when he died in 2010.

Actress Susie Coelho photographed by Harry Langdon, 1979.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Peter Fox publicity photos for Delta House (1979)


Gia Carangi photographed by Stan Malinowski for Vogue (December 1979).

Barbra Streisand during a photo session for her album “Wet” in 1979.

Photos by Mario Casilli

Bo Derek photographed by Bruce McBroom for “Ten” (1979)

Brooke Shields photographed by Ulvis Alberts, 1979.


Chaka Khan and Ike Turner (1979) 

Michael Jackson photographed by Barry Shultz, 1979.

20-year-old Michael Jackson and 15-year-old Tatum O’Neal at a party to celebrate the Gold certification of The Jacksons album Destiny in July 1979.