Category: 1968


The Doors photo session in Germany, 1968.

Bill Cosby playing basketball with his press agent Joe Sutton, 1968.

Photos by Michael Rougier for LIFE magazine

Aretha Franklin photographed by Richard Avedon

on October 14, 1968.


Janis Joplin performing

at Anderson Theater in New York City

on February 17, 1968.

Photos by Elliott Landy 


Ike and Tina Turner in London, April 1968.  

Frank Sinatra and Tiny Tim photographed by

Ed Thrasher

in the recording studio, 1968.

Jean Seberg publicity photos for “Birds in Peru” (1968)


Jimi Hendrix performing at Fillmore East in New York City on May 10, 1968.  

Photos by Elliott Landy

Tiny Tim photographed by Ed Thrasher, 1968.


Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate photographed by John Kelly, 1968.