behindthegrooves: When I started this blog he…


When I started this blog here in October of 2011, it was to indulge and share my passion for music with others. In just a few years, “Behind The Grooves” has grown from just a handful of followers to nearly 21,000 here on Tumblr alone. These posts require extensive research and many hours to write and edit, and are the product of my own personal diligence and dedication.

Presently, I’m unemployed and struggling to keep myself afloat financially. I am making an appeal to my followers for donations. I’m also looking to publish my writing in book form, hopefully in the not too distant future. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Anyone that can make a donation, can do so by clicking on the link at: PayPal.Me/jharris1228

Thank you to those who have donated already. I greatly appreciate your support, and for helping to keep me going. Every bit helps!!