Linda says they’re in love: Linda Blair and …

Linda says they’re in love: Linda Blair and Rick James photographed by Richard Corkery on

October 26, 1982. (via NY Daily News)

In an interview accompanying a topless pictorial in Oui magazine, actress Linda Blair, 23, revealed that she found James “very sexy.” Rick, who was shown the piece by a member of his retinue, returned the compliment through an intermediary. And before you can say “bicoastal blind date,” they winged it to New York for a multinight stand. That was last month. Now they talk daily and plan future assignations. “I had learned very well to be single,” Linda says, “but Rick turned my head around.” The feeling, apparently, is mutual. “She’s my baby,” James responds. “I really care for her deeply. She had a lot of hard times, like myself, and managed to rise above them.”

(Excerpt via People Magazine – November 22, 1982)