Malcolm X with Dick Gregory, Sheikh Ahmed H…

Malcolm X with

Dick Gregory, Sheikh Ahmed Hassoun, and Abdulrahman Mohamed Babu at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, 1964.

In Mecca, Malcolm befriended a Sudanese named Shiekh Ahmed Hassoun who taught in Mecca for 35 years. He served as Malcolm’s spiritual adviser and later taught at

Malcolm’s Mosque

Inc., which Malcolm created four days after his departure from the Nation Of Islam in March 1964.  It was

Sheikh Hassoun

who prepared Malcolm’s body for burial at the Faith Temple Church of God in Harlem.

Abdul Rahman Mohammed Babu, was a Zanzibari revolutionary. As left-wing champion of the anti-colonial Pan-African movement, he laid the ideological groundwork for the Zanzibar revolution of January 1964, which led, three months later, to Tanganyika uniting with Zanzibar to form Tanzania.

(Photos by Robert L. Haggins)